Natural Deodorants that work

Taking care of our bodies goes beyond watching what we eat and getting regular exercise. It also includes being cautious of what we put on our skin, like deodorants and antiperspirants. This post has been a long time coming and so appropriate now that we getting into summer.


Let me start off by being honest, when I first made the switch to using the all-natural-aluminum-free deodorant it was a total nightmare. Some were terrible, some tolerable and some made me really itchy! However, after reading about all the risks associated with using conventional deodorant, I was determined to make the change and I have stuck with it for nearly six years now.

Guys, please understand that sweating is natural and actually good for you. Sweating is our body’s way of cooling down, of detoxing, ridding itself of impurities and expelling toxins. For some weird reason, we are taught that sweating is gross and we try to prevent it from happening, but this is not healthy or natural. Our bodies need to sweat, so it’s the smell that we should be concerned about.

Ok, what are the common ingredients found in conventional deodorant and antiperspirants and why should we try to avoid them?

Aluminum: toxic, irritating, has been linked to lymphatic cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.
Parabens: a preservative that is found in almost everything and is easily absorbed through the skin, disrupts hormones, traces have been found in biopsied breast cancer tissue, can cause skin rashes and may be toxic to our reproductive, immune and neurological systems.
Triclosan/Triclocarban: antimicrobial agents that kill bacteria and fungus to prevent odor, gets absorbed and piles up in the body, disrupts hormones and helps to create dangerous bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics.
Fragrance: Among the most ubiquitous ingredients in body-care products, synthetic fragrance is a blanket term for a blend of chemicals. Phthalates, chemicals used in plastics and regularly labeled “fragrance,” have been found to accumulate in the body and have been linked to hormone disruption, possible birth defects, infertility and some cancers.
Propylene Glycol: also known as antifreeze, a common additive in personal care products, carries a moderate risk of immunotoxicity and allergic reactions.
BHT: In low doses, BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene) has been linked to nervous-system effects. It also causes hyperactivity in children and is a suspected carcinogen.


So what should one do to avoid these risks? Well first you will need to do an armpit detox, stop using traditional deodorants, let your armpits breathe and get rid of all that buildup of chemicals. This will allow your body time to correct the imbalances and as a result, you will sweat less and body odor will naturally decrease! Word of advice, make sure you don’t have any important meetings or engagements lined up when you do this detox. Leave a comment below if you would like me to do a detailed blog on how to do an armpit detox.

I can confidently say I have a few favorite natural deodorants that work well for me, with ingredients that are able to neutralize odor and absorbs wetness, while still allowing the body to sweat and release toxins.
Dermalogica environmental control deodorant. This has been a favorite of mine for a few years now, the only downside is that it’s expensive. It has a light, pleasant essential oil scent and goes on clear.

Natural LAB 100% Natural origin roll-on deodorant – Orange Blossom. It has a very fresh fruity scent, glides on easily and dries clear.

Toms of Maine long lasting deodorant stick – Wild Lavender. I’m not crazy about the smell of this deodorant, it’s more like a soap scent. However, it also does a great job of keeping me dry and stink free.


Extra notes and tips:

  •  Practice good hygiene, obviously. Natural deodorants will last throughout the day, but don’t expect it to last through a sweaty workout after a long day too.
  • Stay hydrated. Drink more water. Water helps to flush out toxins, so drink up!
  • Sweat it out: Remember that a little sweat is good for you; if you’re not sweating, you’re not efficiently removing toxins from your body.
  • Remember the saying, “It’s about progress and not perfection”.

Have you tried any natural deo’s before? Leave a comment and let me know what made you do the switch. Here is a link for a price overview of some the natural deodorants available in South Africa (the Earthsap brand did not work well for me) Faithful to nature-online organic shop

Thanks for reading, Kisses.


Disclaimer: As with any skin care regimen, always do a test patch first to see if your skin is allergic to any of the ingredients. Everyone’s skin is different so results can vary from person to person. This post is provided for information and educational purposes. It is not intended to constitute medical advice. Please discontinue using if your skin does not react well.


44 thoughts on “Natural Deodorants that work

  1. Great article D! Scary what is legally allowed to go into our products😲 please could you provide us with shops that sell the products you recommended. I’m interested in switching; or at least trying it out.

    Thanks again D 🙂

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    1. Hi love, it really is scary! That is why its so important to educate ourselves about these things and decide on what changes we are willing to make. Its not always easy, but when we know better we do better. Chat again soon, kisses.


  2. I have thought about venturing into natural deodorants before. I’ve also heard that the aluminium is what causes the darkening of armpits in us melanated ladies.
    Yes please to a post about how to do a detox.
    Have you tried any ‘mix at home’ natural deodorant concoctions that work?

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    1. Hey Lungi,funny you mention the issue of dark armpits, that is actually what caused me to the switch six years ago. My underarms look so much better, I wish i had taken before pictures. I have thought about trying the DIY mixes but its the thought of applying it with my hands that has put me


    1. Usually such reactions happen when our skin is trying to tell us something. Once the armpit detox is up on the blog, try it for two weeks and see how you feel. Kisses


  3. My body is a temple that has carried me well through the years. This kind of information is awesome, as it enables me to return the favor, and be good to it.

    Thanks Dee


  4. Thanks Dee, what are your thoughts on natural DIY/homemade deodorants?
    Also, please add in prices and where you got yours at your local pharmacy or store so we can go have a look.

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    1. Hi T, I have read some great blogs on the DIY deo’s and they work well for a lot of people. I’m interested to try, honestly its the thought of using my fingers to apply that has puts me off. Although some people use old deo containers for easier application. Let me know if you try it and how you like it. With regards to prices, I’ve added a link at the bottom of the post to give price indication. You local health store is the best place to look for natural deodorants in South Africa.


  5. Thank you for this information. I used to have an issue with sweaty armpits and they had a bit of a smell too 🙈🙈🙈 then I switched and started using dermologica which has been the best for me,in conjuction I also use mitchum (sport) especially when I know I’ll be going to gym. Another thing that I know which affects the discolouration of armpits is what we use for shaving. Shaving also affects the skin so you can find pimples,get itchy etc so instead of just using a razors I switched to using creams and or waxing (I prefer the latter) hair takes longer to grow and waxing leaves your skin smoother.

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    1. Hey Mo, I’m so glad to hear that you also the dermalogica deo. Don’t you just love the smell? Its really worth the price tag in my opinion and lasts a really long time. I agree, shaving underarms is a big no!! Thank you for reading and happy you could relate. Kisses


  6. What can we use besides deodorants on kids that are becoming of age i have two nephews who are 6 years old already their armpits have started to stink… we dont wanna use any deodorant on them we looking for a natural remedy because one of my nieces once played with a deodorant and it left her armpits smelling so bad for years up until she became a teenager and was finally able to use because we couldn’t stand the smell.

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    1. Hey Amanda I would highly recommend the Crystal Rock mineral salt deodorant. Its made with just natural mineral salts and will be safe on their skin. Unlike the traditional deo’s it will help neutralize body odor and not just mask it. Also I sometimes use fresh lemon slice, works wonders! Let me know how it goes. xo


  7. Oh my goodness…I haven’t thought about how harmful all these ingredients can be. It’s those damn petals and smiling women with stunning figures that dupe us and distract is from the dangers of these deodorants. Please do post how to armpit detox (I hope it doesn’t include any green drinks). Thanks for sharing this extremely important info.

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  8. Dee you are such am amazing person with a real zest for health and taking care of yourself and you also care so much for others to share it with us. Thank you so much. It really is an eye opener xxxxx love you friend xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Neo, dark armpits was the reason why I tossed the traditional deo out. Give the natural alternatives a try and see how it goes. Fresh lemon Juice also works wonders helping reduce the darkness. Kisses


  9. So informative and interesting. I’ve never thought to scrutinize the chemicals in the deo I use. Plus I use Men’s roll on because I tend to be a heavy sweater. I will definitely consider dermal office

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  10. Wow! never thought the is such a thing as armpit detox — Please send details on how to.
    With me, I have noticed that I cannot stay on the same brand of deo all the time — I have to change constantly.

    Thanks for the lovely blog – so informative!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh no! Sucks to have to constantly have to change your deos. Will do a follow post soon, still trying out another natural brand deo that is cheaper and easier to get. Will keep you posted!

      Thank you so much for reading. Kisses


    1. Oh no, I was hoping to get my hands on one of her deos, Ill maybe order online. I agree with her, you need to give your body min week to adjust. Just take the deo and some wet wipes with you to work that


  11. This is very interesting to me because I had a period in my life where I couldn’t find the right deodorant because all of them where just too uncomfortable for me so what I did was I stopped using deo, which Dee calls the armpit detox ( I didn’t know this) then I just washed my armpits with normal bath soap can’t remember the brand name because this was a while back – then every time my armpits would go “spicey” I’d just wash them until they didn’t become smelly anymore even when they got a bit sweaty? I really don’t know if this would work for everyone it might also depend on your diet and daily activities – I’m no health head but my armpits just stopped smelling just like that. Now I’m back to deo again because I liked that “AXE EFFECT” AD and my armpits started getting “spicey” again – so I think these products are made for one to be dependent on them just like a drug of some sort. Thanks Dee – good post.


    1. Thanks for the comment Anele, I think it’s so important that we listen to our bodies. There are so many great alternatives out there, we don’t need to use traditional deos anymore.


  12. Great post! Thank you for sharing. I can relate… making the change took time. I have an auto-immune disease and have to take anywhere from 9-15 medications a day… I have been trying to limit all other chemicals entering my body. It took us about 8 months to finally find something that works. We even tried making our own concoctions (that was rather pathetic) and we used lemons for a while (it worked but eventually ended up irritating our skin). We finally came across a product called DayDry. It’s made in Paris, France (they also ship outside of France & just started an English DayDry North America Facebook page and website). It is actually a probiotic that fights the bacteria that causes body odor… and thank goodness it works! My dear man, myself and our two pre-adolescent kids all use it (we prefer the roll-on but it comes in spray).
    Now, I just need to get rid of all of the other skincare products that use chemicals (we’ve also changed our cleaning products. It’s amazing how far white vinegar and baking soda can go).
    Best wishes!

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    1. Hi Bellanda, thank you so much for sharing your story with me! Wow I’m so happy you have finally found something that works and I will definitely keep a note of the name and keep an eye out for it next time I travel to Europe. It’s not easy cutting out all these bad chemicals that we were brought up with and know as the “normal” way of doing things, but feels so good to get rid of them one by one. I’m very keen to also make the switch to DIY cleaning products, I’ve been reading so much about how terrible they are for us. What’s your favorite mix for bathroom cleaning and counter tops? Regards, Dee. 💖

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      1. White vinegar… full strength in a spray bottle for easy application or mixed with water. We also use white vinegar and baking soda when needed. Here’s a Reader’s Digest article about using vinegar. I can’t remember the name of the magazine we originally used.
        As for Daydry probiotic deodorant, they now ship internationally. Here is their English website. Everyone I know who has tried it, loves it.
        Best wishes coming your way from Paris. ☺

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      2. Good luck! Let me know if you have any questions about the deodorant or about the cleaning products. If I find the magazine we originally used to change our cleaning products, I’ll let you know… but I think it is in French. 😉
        All the best!

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