My Natural Hair Journey 

I recently had the opportunity of collaborating with a talented Durban based photographer Tauhirah Raffie. It was such a pleasure to work with her and I appreciate how patient she was with me, since we all know – I’m no model. She exceeded my expectations and did an exceptional job of bringing my vision into to life. We decided to do a dusk shoot so that the main focus would be my hair, I was so surprised to see her still so excited to take pictures even though it started to get dark! I thought collaboration would be the perfect way to introduce my natural hair journey to the blog. 

I have answered a few hair questions, so we can all get better acquainted with my Afro.

Why did you start your natural hair journey?

I have honestly never enjoyed relaxing my hair, I have a very sensitive scalp and so most relaxers would burn my scalp. I also did not like how thin my hair was while I was relaxed.

How long have you been natural?

This is tricky for me to answer, since I have been natural on and off since high school. I have had dreadlocks three times and have always regretted cutting them straight after! However currently I’ve been natural for 9 months.

What is your hair texture? 

I have type 4C textured hair, so it’s very kinky, coily and coarse! I know this is a question that most of my readers might not understand, but I promise to do a more detailed post on hair textures in the near future.

If you could only live with one hair product what would it be?

Currently it would have to be the Design Essentials Almond & Avocado Moisturizing & Detangling Conditioner. Wow, I did not realize how long the name is till I had to type it out now, lol.

What is your “go to” hair style? 

It would have to be cornrows and wigs. (Keep your hair neat under those wigs ladies)

Are you a product junkie? 

I’m so much better now, but before I started my natural hair journey I was on a healthy hair journey for my relaxed hair and then it was bad.

How often do you use heat?

I try not use heat too much and much prefer indirect heat. If I do blow out my hair, I use lower heat setting and don’t make the hair too straight. I have not used a hair straightener since I’ve gone natural.

How long does wash day take you?

Im such a lazy natural so it’s often a whole day affair, I usually run errands, take naps, study, cook in between washing my hair.

Worst thing that has happened to my hair?

I paid lots of money and time for a protective style, to then only take it out four days later!

When was the last time you have been to a salon?

I’m so fortunate to have found a hair dresser that has natural hair and understand my natural hair needs, so I treat my self once a month to salon wash, deep condition and then do cornrows for my wigs.

What piece of advice would you give to someone just starting out their hair journey?

Patience, patience, patience! It’s very important to be realistic and be patient with your hair. Also it’s helpful to try understand what hair texture and porosity you have in order to build a good hair regimen.

Once again I’m so grateful to have met and collaborated with Tauhirah Raffie. These photos were shot by her and if you looking for a photographer to work with, you can interact with her here:

Instagram – @tauhirahraffiephito

Facebook – Photography by Tauhira Raffie

14 thoughts on “My Natural Hair Journey 

  1. This article has been so insightful. As I myself have been on a (healthy)natural hair tip. But my hair never gets hard enough to give me that Afro look. I have also found Design Essentials to be such an amazing product for my hair . ❤️

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  2. Natural is the way to go especially because most hairstyles ruin our hair, think about the hair line saga lol. Cannot wait to find out about my hair type. Thanks for the post Dinny, very helpful.

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    1. Thanks for reading nana, best advice I got with regards to hairline, was to just leave it alone!! Don’t put too much hair food and don’t massage it too much. Just a little water and then few gentle strokes of a light oil like coconut oil. Hope this helps, kisses 😘


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