4R0A4150What it is:

Watermelon is a flowering plant that is vine-like and whose “fruits” are not fruits or vegetables but berries. Another interesting theory I came across was that watermelons are believed to have first been discovered here in South Africa!

4R0A4153What it does:

Watermelon is made up of 92% water. So eating it can help you stay hydrated.  It is also low in calories and is fat-free. This makes it a great choice for a healthy snack or as an addition to some lovely summer salads. The potassium and calcium in watermelon helps flush toxins from our bodies and keeps our kidneys working well.

Not only is watermelon great for our health but is also good for our hair and skin – research has proven that Vitamin C promotes the growth of hair follicles and production of collagen – which is vital for skin health. This for me is an important reason why Vitamin C-rich watermelon should be an essential part of our diets. As they say, beauty does start from within!


4R0A4151How I use it:

I always buy lots of watermelon when it’s in season and make sure I slice it up as soon as I get home.  I love having it stored in containers in the fridge and ready to grab. I also enjoy making a simple watermelon, almond milk, and honey smoothie. So I try to freeze a few batches to use for smoothies later. I have come across a lot of different salad recipes using watermelon, but I really just enjoy it as a snack on a hot summer afternoon, it’s so refreshing.

What is your favorite summer fruit? or do you also love watermelon as much as I do?Please leave me a comment below.

Till the next post, Kisses.


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