First Impressions – Girl and Hair Under Hair Care Range

There are many great benefits to protective styling, such as less manipulation – meaning we touch our hair less. Tucking our ends promotes hair growth because constant styling, detangling and combing requires excessive pulling of our hair, which will result in unnecessary breakage. Hairstyles such as braids, weaves, wigs and cornrows are amongst many to be considered as protective hairstyles. However just because your hair is now tucked away it does not mean it is maintenance-free! Yes, healthy natural or relaxed hair does require you to cleanse your hair and scalp even while you are protective styling. This is very important in order to get the full benefits of protective styling.


I was recently protective styling and decided this would be the perfect opportunity for me to try the Girl and Hair Under Hair Care Range from naomisnaturals on my wig cornrows. Please keep in mind that this is a first impressions post as I have not used the products long enough to give a lengthy review.

4R0A4214Step 1: Cleanse – Moisturizing sulfate free cleanser

After allowing warm water to run on my head and wet my cornrows, I applied the cleanser directly to my scalp using the applicator tip and I was pleasantly surprised how much lather I got since the cleanser has such a watery/runny consistency. The tea tree oil in the cleanser left my scalp feeling clean and with a slight tingle, which I loved as it felt as though my scalp could finally breathe again.

4R0A4217Step 2: Clear – Clarifying apple cider vinegar rinse

I was really excited for this step because I always do an apple cider vinegar rinse when I’m protective styling. I personally find it be really helpful to keep itchiness away! After rinsing out the cleanser I followed up with the rinse and took a few minutes to make sure I really massaged it in and gave it time to work its magic. I really liked that this rinse did not have that strong apple cider vinegar smell that can sometimes take long to completely rinse out from my hair. I will continue to use this rinse even when I’m not protective styling!

4R0A4219Step 3: Nourish – Nourishing leave-in conditioner

I towel dried my hair and once it felt damp I applied the leave-in conditioner. It’s hard to say if I like the conditioner as my hair is currently in a protective style. However, I did like that the consistency was neither runny nor thick. Another point I must mention is that my hair sucked it up and it did not leave a white residue.

4R0A4223Step 4: Restore – Protective restoring balm 

This balm has a mixture of some lovely oils such as castor oil, olive oil, and sunflower oil. It is meant for daily use while protective styling to help soften the hair and promote hair growth. I applied it directly to my scalp and then rubbed some directly to my cornrows. It has a weird gel-like texture and is not as runny as the other products. I’m not sure how I like this balm yet and will need to use it a little more. I did like that it did not leave my scalp looking or feeling too greasy.

To purchase these products and many other natural hair and skin care ranges, have a look at Naomisnaturals website:

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