What it is: Watermelon is a flowering plant that is vine-like and whose “fruits” are not fruits or vegetables but berries. Another interesting theory I came across was that watermelons are believed to have first been discovered here in South Africa!


I believe that Pilates is underrated and often misunderstood. I know many people prefer high intensity training such as heavy weights, high inclines and fast speed. However, Pilates’ main focus is on core strength more about connecting the mind to the body, it will help you get stronger, more sculpted muscles and improve flexibility. I… Continue reading TashB

Coconut Oil

What it is:

Virgin Coconut oil is extracted from the fresh meat of raw coconuts. It is then cold-pressed, filtered and thus able to retain its classic coconut smell. Ideally, virgin coconut oil should be as clear as water. However, its colour may vary slightly depending on how it is processed.